BOW WOW ROW – Over Rover Cover

You might have seen one of  SWIFTCOVER’s  TV campaign adverts – it’s the one  about motor insurance with all the dogs and the slogan: “get a life“.

Well, on the strength of that, I contacted them for a Third, Party Fire and Theft quote on my 1999 Rover.

Everything seemed to be going okay until I said that it was for my 13 year old labrador (coincidentally also called:  “Rover”) to drive.

At that point  SWIFTCOVER”  became distinctly unco-operative…even though I pointed out that Rover had NEVER had any claims and that his conviction for Drink Driving had been overturned on Appeal (a Dalmatian had spiked his Bonio at a party).

If they are NOT prepared to insure dogs of any breed (I didn’t get chance to ask about adding the dachshund as a second, named driver) then I think this should be clearly pointed out in the advert.

Poor Rover is – as you can imagine – devastated… to the point where I have had to cancel his flying lesson.