EXCITING NEWS!!!!- Surely Not

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She’s SO luv-er-ly…

I think this may have to be my last blog.

There is no way I could ever write ANYTHING as amusing as  Samantha THICK-AS-A Brick has in the Daily Mail in the last few days:




I think her husband may be tiring of her immense beauty though. In her two Daily Mail articles we see this picture of the pair:

Followed by this:



Undoubtedly, she is very,very,very,VERY pretty but it still looks to me – that despite her smug look – he’s decided to use that rifle…. AND that he’s already recce’d where the body’s gonna’ go.

Presumably NO women will be allowed on the jury at the subsequent murder trial for obvious reasons.

SHOCK! – Life form outwitted by Rio Ferdinand

The Advertising Standards watchdog has unbelievably refused to condemn those well known intellectual giants:  Katie Price and Rio Ferdinand  despite revels-ations that the devilishly fiendish pair  had duped people  into buying chocolate bars against their will.

Both had used their phenomenal mind power to deceive people in a series of tweets that were NOT clearly  marked as adverts.

But-tons of people are unhappy about the decision and feel that the issue has been fudge-d.

“What sort of cad-burys references to chocolate in their tweets? 

‘Twix-t you and me I thinks that’s deplorable”   said a devastated  Jason Stupid.

“I read Rio’s treets and my mind was all in a t-wirl…before I knew what was happening I found that I had driven down to Asdas and purchased a multi-pack of Snickers bars instead of the quarter pound of skunk I’d been planning to buy”.

Rebecca Gormless was another person trapped by this vicious, dastardly campaign that strikes at the very heart of our democratic society:

“I drew all my savings out of the bank and murdered a couple of pensioners…all so I could buy more Snickers bars….I feel dirty and abused.   I’ve not stopped crying since I heard.  I feel like my life has been a fraud”.

Both accused Price and Ferdinand of lion to their followers on twitter.

“How Dairy Milk his followers like that?” said Jason.
“He’s supposed to be a rolo model. But when it came down to the Crunch-ie put his grubby sponsorship money before his fans. Well I’m done with thinking about chocolate – there’s no milky way he’ll catch me out again”.

A Mars spokesperson said that things had got out of hand.
“I don’t know how all this fuss aeros.   It’s easy to criticise but once people take the time-out to think about it they’ll realise that selling chocolate is no picnic.”