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Video Game Review – ASSAULT ON AISLE 13

This release does NOT disappoint.

It takes “shoot-em-up” gaming to a new level by taking the battle environment to your local superstore. There – armed only with every weapon known to man – you will battle with fellow on-line warriors to slaughter as many irksome “zombie” shoppers as possible and liberate the latest i phone from Aisle 13. BUT you have to do this  BEFORE Granny can get to the Quick Service Till and buy a copy of  “The Peoples Friend”  with her  30p money off coupon.

Hours of work on graphics enhancement have really paid off – we particularly like the way see you can the blood soak into the chavs’ pink velour tracksuit bottoms. Another nice touch is that when  you pull your bayonet out of the pensioner’s head you can see every detail of their hearing aid. All the mayhem and slaughter is cleverly worked into the Supermarket environment… in the background you can even see the dead victims being carved up on the bacon slicer in the Cold Meats Section – ready to be sold in the delicatessen.

Look out for the nicely built-in extras – for instance you can jump several levels by bazooka-ing  the Lottery Ticket queue OR find a secret extra level if you nuke the Help/Customer Services Desk

One for the young enthusiastic psychopath in YOUR neighbourhood.

Verdict:   95%

A “must have”

Rating: 18 +*

(* IQ of greater than 18 needed)


About they still let me vote

David Martin John, was created in an American lab by a scientist who - in a fit of pique following his exclusion from the team working on the Roswell (‘Alien Discovery’) project - grafted a baboon’s arse onto a butterfly. As a result David is extremely fond of bananas (he will happily stare at them for hours) but suffers from an irrational fear of getting trapped in net curtains. Abandoned by the elders of the tribe…David struggled in the wild but, at first glance, APPEARS to have integrated – to an admittedly limited degree – into society. Raised by badgers just outside an English Village that was twinned with Chernobyl…he soon withdrew into his own troubled mind only to be sexually abused by his imaginary friend. The one time he actually did manage to ‘make’ friends was when he went to Legoland. Twenty years may have passed, but he still remains bitter about what he considers the unreasonable rejection by Publishers of his first manuscript: “Noddy and the Daleks”. Determined to be at least a minor celebrity he suffered another setback when he underwent a lavish and expensive boob job before he had read BOTH questions on the “Page 3 Girl” Application Form. He counts Professor Brian Cox among his friends – which is ludicrous as he’s never met him - but this is apparently quite common with David’s Mental condition. David was invalided out of the Police Force in 1998 after – perhaps unwisely – asking a GBH suspect to show him:“…EXACTLY what happened…” When he lay stricken and in a coma in hospital (the greengrocers weren’t remotely interested) his parents rushed to his bedside. They visited daily – despite not knowing whether David could even hear – trying to encourage him with tape recordings of other people dying. Devastated to find that there was no “Pause” button on his Life Support machine they still came… just clinging to the hope they might finally hear those longed-for precious little words; “…time of death…” David survived their repeated attempts at poisoning and smothering, recovering enough to be able to testify in Court. His parents got off on a technicality – the Judge, in his summing up, said he would have done the same thing. Although there was overwhelming forensic evidence to the contrary, he also accepted that they COULD have been “simply plumping up the pillows” as claimed. In 2007 David took another turn for the worse when he took the Government’s dismissal of his idea for a “massive almost-globe-like structure to celebrate the new Millenia” very badly. 2009 also proved a dificult year when, during his resitting of a routine urine test, Doctors found no brain activity and remove several vital organs. Now banned for life by Tescos, since 2010, following an incident in the vegetable section that the family refuse to discuss, he now lives pretty much as a recluse – confined to the Ward – filling his days watching taped repeats of his relatives embarassing themselves on “You’ve Been Framed” … David is living proof (albeit in a “permanent vegatative state”) that medical treatment of the criminally insane has a long way to go……

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  1. Jen ⋅

    LOVING THIS!!! Soooo funny! This could so be real. Brilliant. Lol. 🙂

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